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10 x Profile Avatars

28 x 3D Animated Holidays (US, Canada, UK & Australia)

16 x 3D Animated Weather

4 x 3D Animatesd Season

6 x Animated Emotions

10 x 3D Activities

Augmented Reality My First Calendar

It’s indeed a wonderful world!
All firsts will always be remembered and worth remembering!
An innovative generation has manifested a new world for kids to discover and explore. A lot of parents have had a hard time thinking of what would they do to make the usage of gadgets of their children be productive. The fact that almost every move people make is accompanied with new technologies, how can parents make their children let go of these technologies?
It is somehow unattainable. But there is no need to worry about such things. If the creation of new technologies cannot be manipulated, the content of those can be!
Now, a KIDS EDUCATIONAL APP has been made to answer the questions of parents!

AR (AUGMENTED REALITY ) My First Calendar is an application created by Entertainment Studio Apps. Its goal is to amuse kids with the use of colorful technology and to make them learn something from the entertainment acquired.
Kids get to learn from the AR CALENDAR which is a KIDS CALENDAR where they can identify the date, days, months, years, season, weather, temperature, holidays, activities, and the different emotions in a 3D-animated way. These can help them to understand the simple things and information in life creatively.
If you think they will get bored eventually, let me tell you that this app which is both a PRESCHOOL APP and KINDERGARTEN APP has different activities everyday for the kids. Surely, they won’t feel boredom with this.

The AUGMENTED REALITY Environment is a pleasant place for kids to play, have fun, and at the same time, learn stuff that are helpful for their minds!
If you are a parent who thinks that physical activities are way better than the virtual world that the kids will experience through this, it is an assurance that they can be physically developed even with the use of this app.

Your question may be “How will it be possible when they are only focusing on the screen?” Well, the interaction between the kids and their families will be certainly observed. They can ask questions, have an observation towards the weather, feel the warmth or the coolness of their surroundings, know the holidays by asking their parents, and discover their emotions by observing their own behavior and even the behavior of the family members. Don’t these sound fun and physically good?

Their urge to answer correctly will make them think and find the answers outside the screen. This will be helpful for the bond between the kids and their families in a way that they get to know and celebrate the new knowledge obtained by the kids together.

Another benefit of this EDUCATIONAL CALENDAR is the reality attainment inside the virtual world.

Some parents get worried when they think about the games on screen played by their children because they might not be able to separate reality from the virtual world and can discover violence through these.

AR My First Calendar is a friendly app designed to make kids grow with knowledge that they can use in the future. Reality is present inside the screen in a way that everything they see is based from the real world. The app provides PRESCHOOL GAMES and KINDERGARTEN GAMES which were just enhanced to make it attractive for kids since they tend to be fascinated by colors and enriched quality of perspective. It is also assured that there is no such thing as “violence” that they can learn from this. Everything is educational and free from danger.

Parents will play a big role towards this since they will be responsible for the making of profiles of the kids and monitoring their performances with the use of this app. This APP FOR KIDS only has to be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store then it can be opened without the use of internet. Make sure the mobile devices that the kids will be using have cameras. It is also a requirement to download and print the AR My First Calendar PDF marker from The app camera should be focused on the printed marker. By doing so, the kids can now witness the 4D AUGMENTED REALITY CALENDAR !

Only the parents can access the profiles of the kids. They will be responsible in creating one profile for each of their children, customize it, and set avatars differently. The profile of the kids will be having parental locks in order to avoid accidental deletion that can be done by kids. The awareness of the parents is very important since they will be the people who will have to manage their children and take credits of the children’s future knowledge, principles, and personalities. Thus, good parenthood can be started with the use of this KIDS EDUCATIONAL APP. Just think of what a wonderful world the kids can experience with the advancement of this CALENDAR FOR KIDS ! It will never be too much to let them experience the modern way of learning. Every kid is entitled to have fun and enjoy their youth. Let them have the freedom to explore and learn new things despite of the constant changes we currently experience in this world. Imagine the amazing path they will be journeying if they have the background of basic literacy due to the help of this ELEMENTARY APP. It is not just having a calendar on the screen or identifying today’s date, or the weather presented on the screen, or the day after tomorrow and the like. It is also a building block to strengthen the memory of the kids. In their age, given the fact that they are fonder of using gadgets, they tend to be confused with the different dimensions they are in. But AR My First Calendar can help children to focus better since it is an app mandated to have the permission of the parents before being accessed. Parents are obliged to keep an eye on what they are doing so kids will truly follow what is being taught to them by this app. It will always be worth the try. Sooner or later parents will have the best-suited ELEMENTARY APP for their children they never thought they would find!


  • Horizontal carousel menu to scroll and select your choice
  • Up to year 2025 provided
  • 28 x 3D animated holidays for USA, Canada, UK and Australia
  • 4 x 3D animated season
  • 16 x 3D animated weather
  • 10 x 3D animated activities
  • 10 profile avatars
  • Parental lock to prevent kids deleting profile by mistake, but parents can do.
  • Share their work and save or print them.
  • And yes, once downloaded this app works offline without internet

How to use:


  • Add profile for different kid, add their name and set avatar
  • Edit or delete existing profile


  • This app will support only device with a camera.
  • Since this app is for kids some of the functions require parents permission.