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Long before, parents cling to different books and colorful reading materials to offer learning among their children. They seemed to be very motivated to teach them page per page and invest so much time and effort to transfer learning.  But as time goes by, they lose the spark, enthusiasm, excitement and patience to teach their young ones due to some considerable reasons like time constraints, stress from work and the like. Not to mention that those books run obsolete and undeniably expensive. As a result, children’s learning also becomes like a broken line— torn and inconsistent.

Since parents are naturally concerned with their children’s strong educational foundation, they don’t just stop with those pages and letting their children’s education unattended. It is then they discover those diverse kids’ educational applications and they could not agree more that their children learn fast and accurate from it. With the positive impact of technology on their children’s holistic development, they are now more open to embracing the different applications for kids.

In today’s advancement in technology, parents tend to have great consideration to the mere fact that there are augmented online applications suitable for their pre-school, kindergarten and elementary kids that they can rely upon. So, as early as toddlers, they begin to engage them in interactive videos that like LEARNING ALPHABETS, LEARNING NUMBERS, LEARNING LETTERS, LEARNING COLORS and LEARNING SHAPES which are presented with music. It seemed that they have this psychological grasp that children learn best with music. Thus, learning becomes easy with augmented reality.

Through AUGMENTED REALITY, parents have finally found an ally towards teaching their children in an interactive, fun, realistic, colorful and educational way. It is said that children acquire knowledge and skills when they experience it personally; these application for kids is offering all sorts of virtual reality to effectively transfer essential learning without having to pressure the kids to learn it the hard way. As the old cliché says, kids tend to have the sharpest memory. It is imperative to say that whatever they are taught of, they get and even imitate it quickly. This AUGMENTED REALITY enables the children to absorb the basics of learning and allow them to experience a real world environment where the real objects are enhanced and used in videos in order to provide real-life examples for children to fully experience what it is like dealing with real things in learning.

Since preschoolers are more on constant movement, they tend to rely more on psychomotor activities like games. They are further exposed to physical actions and are likely to be losing their interest into something that requires focus and attention more quickly. With interactive AUGMENTED REALITY PRESCHOOL, they are given a perfect avenue to expose their interests in learning alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes by associating their visual, auditory, haptic, psychomotor and other essential skills through following basic instructions without having too much exposure to physical activities outside the house. By simply letting preschoolers to watch AR videos with basic instructions, for example, letting them identify the parts of their bodies by telling them to touch it, or have them learn different colors, or tell them to count numbers and classify the different alphabets, their skills are developed while they see and recognize the real picture of what you want them to perceive. And since everything comes animated, they will be engaged so much on videos with rewards to recognize their great work.

The best feature of AR FOR PRESCHOOLERS is its game-like presentation of a very informative topic that needs to be learned by preschoolers without having to go outdoors and burn all their energy out, leaving them exhausted and tired after the long day. It is like a PRESCHOOL GAME with lesser effort yet the same level of fun. It could also be a KINDERGARTEN GAME. It is a creative approach to making learning fun. For instance, you would like to make them learn the alphabet in a light way. By presenting some videos, they may be able to grasp the letters and have it retain to their memory without paying so much attention while they learn. The video itself will allow their minds to be opened and make them remember what they saw because of its animated and real-life features. AR enables retention to the preschoolers’ mind because it blends with the real things they deal with every day. In this way, they are taught realistically while considering their learning pace.

Various enticing rewards feature of AR PRESCHOOL conditions the learners’ mind to attain things at a very young age. This KID EDUCATIONAL APP teaches them that they should strive hard so that they can achieve something. Unconsciously, it motivates them to give their best and learn some disciplinary ways for themselves. It instills in their mind the value of correct choices in order to get good things. Though, basically they cannot recognize it at their age, but it can become a habit that they can bring until they grow up and have it applied in their lives. Therefore, it does not only develop learning, but also add to their character on how they should act rightly in order to succeed.

Kindergarten and elementary learners, just like the preschoolers, would love to engage in KINDERGATEN AND ELEMENTARY APPLICATIONS through AR videos, too. Since they belong in the same age range, they would also like to have it not just for fun but also for gaining more knowledge. It will be of their advantage since they already deal with the real world of big school and a real learning setup, it would always be better that they are taught how to follow simple to complex instructions. Yes, kindergarten and elementary is quite advance in picking instructions. They can already express themselves so they will find AR activities easier and will make them do it for mastery purposes.

With APP FOR KIDS, parents can never get wrong of guiding their children in the right path. With this KIDS EDUCATIONAL APP, they will never be skeptical to choose interactive augmented reality application for their young loved ones in order for them to acquire learning in an accessible way. It’s simple, easy-to-operate, comprehensive, user-friendly, and informative. Additionally, it’s relaxing and helps boost their kids’ creativity. With the right guidance and proper orientation, parents and kids can both enjoy the comfort of augmented reality.

How to use:

• Download and print AR My Preschool PDF marker from
• Place AR My Preschool marker on flat surface and focus app camera on marker. Avoid dark area and keep the marker in sight while playing, and see how 3D objects come to life.

Augmented reality:

• You can turn Augmented Reality On or Off to play AR My Preschool with or without pdf marker

Five in one:

• 3D Alphabet
• 3D Numbers
• 3D Body parts
• 3D Colors
• 3D Shapes

Key features:

• Learn menu: Where your child can learn about Alphabet, Numbers, Body parts, Colors and Shapes
• Play menu: Where your child can test their knowledge after they learnt from Learn menu
• Available on all mobile platforms and compatible with most screen size


• Display in A-Z or random order
• Display in uppercase or lowercase


• Display 1-100 or random order
• Display numbers 1-20, 1-40, 1-60, 1-80 and 1-100

Reward stickers:

• You can earn reward stickers on completion of each task
• Up to 20 cute reward stickers are available

For parents:

• Parental lock for Settings and Help menu

Other features:

• Animated background


• This app will support only device with a camera.
• Since this app is for kids some of the functions require parents’ permission.
• Always look for update to receive new feature or bug fix


• We want to make sure you enjoy our app, so please leave your feedback and let us know if you have any issues or suggestions. Visit us: