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Everyday Shopping List App:

Not only grocery, you can use Everyday Shopping List for any item, fashion, furniture, home appliances, electronics etc.

  • This is the only app allows you to do live update with device your shared your shopping list with. Even other device is different platform or brand. Where the host and guest both can update and able to see live changes, e.g. add, delete, cross, edit, stores etc.


  • Share the list with partner, roommate or anyone who you share your grocery with and you will see live update when you update list any of the devices.
  • This app is compatible with Apple iOS and Google Android both platforms, so no matter what your partner mobile is.
  • Create multiple shopping list and stores to separate your grocery and other items.
  • Assign item to store or go to store and add item direct to store.
  • Sort list by store allows you to see what items you want to buy from which store.
  • Set your price for frequent items and save money.
  • Search your item by voice, barcode and type the name of item.
  • You can arrange by category, store and items.
  • Add new items or edit existing items, name, price, qty, barcode, category, store.
  • Create your own category.
  • Most user friendly User Interface.
  • Optional badge icon to see how many items remaining in your shopping list.
  • Hundreds of popular items are already added Everyday Shopping List to make your life easy.
  • Shopping list can be shared with as many people as you want.
  • Shopping list stay with your login no matter you installed fresh or install on a new device.

How to use:

  • Create account: Tap on settings menu, click “Sign in” to create account using your email address and login.
  • Create Shopping list: Go to settings menu and Manage My List, create as many shopping list you want and name your list whatever you like. Here you can also add, delete and rename your shopping list.
  • Go to your shopping list and add items from Plus menu.
  • Add items: Go to Plus menu and add items from Recent items, Popular or Items catalog.
  • Search items: Type item name to search in items catalog or search by voice.
  • Barcode: Click on barcode and scan new item to add in your shopping list or add existing barcoded items into your shopping list. Barcode can be changed in edit item.
  • Click Plus on any item to like to add to shopping list.
  • Stores: Go to select store and add as many stores you want and assign item direct to store or go to each item and edit change store.
  • Sharing: Share your shopping list by tapping on human icon on top, add partners email and share with them, they just have to download, create account and login using same email address. This will share your shopping list and stores.
  • Edit item: Tapping on item allow you to edit item, name, quantity, price, category, barcode and assigning to store.
  • Sortlist: Tap on three lines menu on top to sort list your shopping list.
  • Clear: Crossmark and delete item from the list.
  • Enable badge from settings (iOS only) so you can see on icon, how many items left in your shopping list.
  • Open shared list from Manage Shared shopping List.